Five bedroom hacks you need in your life

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Once considered merely the place you rest your head, the modern day bedroom has taken on far more significance. With the recommended eight hours per night being one of the trickiest goals to achieve, this month we’re sharing five simple bedroom hacks to get your bedroom on-track and on-trend.

Go vertical
Don’t have a lot of space? No worries. Go upwards, not outwards to save on space and get organised. Tall boys, like the big and bold one featured in our Lincoln timber suite, are a great option if you’re limited on floor space.

Walls can also be maximised by adding hooks, shelves, racks and cork boards. The more you can remove from the floor, the easier your bedroom will be to move about in, automatically adding a greater sense of space and harmony.

Splash, contrast or complement
Interior design should have a theme, and never was a harmonious arrangement more important than your place of rest: Too many colours or patterns can make your room dizzy and disjointed.

Whether you want to go neutral with a lovely splash of colour, contrast with strong opposites or complement with neighbours on the colour wheel, it’s best advised that you stick to one scheme to prevent your bedroom transforming from serene to stressful.

Get some nature in there
Greenery is not only a very modern touch, it’s also perfect for harmonising a space. Simple pots in a single shade, geometric pattern, natural fibre or industrial materials like copper or cement are all the rage right now.

Choose a leafy green indoor plant which is low maintenance and doesn’t need much light: try a Philodendron (Heartleaf) or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant). Make sure you place a saucer under your pot before watering if there’s a hole in the bottom!

The sight of greenery will be soothing, the plant will filter the air and your room will look on-trend and alive. Green thumb or not, this one’s a no brainer. If you’re still scared, start with a succulent - possibly the most forgiving plants on Earth - and work your way up from there.

Bedtime prep and essentials
We’re so prepared for everything in life. Gym bag? Check. School bags? Check. Handbag? Check, check, check. Yet when we go to bed, we often leave the prep behind. Why not approach sleep with the same organisation by preparing yourself a bedtime essentials kit?

Whatever your bedtime MO, get your essentials together ahead of time, leave them in place every night and make sure they’re in arm’s reach so you don’t have to keep jumping up out of bed.

Some suggestions might be a pre-loaded relaxation playlist, comfy headphones, lip balm, books or magazines, tissues, thick bed socks, vitamins, eye mask and ear plugs, aromatherapy oils and bottled water for night time hydration.

Bed multi-tasking
Gone are the days of a bed being merely a mattress and a pillow. Today’s modern beds not only have incredible sleep technology in their design, but also offer a sure-fire way of multitasking the quintessential bedroom item.

Beds boasting in-built timber drawers or shelves save you time and space: What better way to grab your favourite book without leaving the safety of a warm doona? Plus, they offer a great place to store those less-than-aesthetic items during the day.

Another nifty storage option is a bedhead which features shelves, like our Hampton frame, the perfect place to display those little decorative pieces that give your bedroom personality and presence. Now you can put that bed to work earning its pride of place in more ways than one.

Want more ideas on arranging the ultimate sleep space? Try our Bedroom Planner - just a few clicks to your perfect bedroom!