Caring for Your Mattress

tips mattress care

Purchasing a mattress is one of the most important investments you'll make during your life. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and if you've had your mattress for 10 years, you've likely spent about 30,000 hours on it.

Your mattress should be as important an investment as your car. A well maintained, well cared for, and quality product will deliver years of service. If you look at your mattress purchase as a long term investment, you'll reap the benefits.

Ignoring care of your mattress can have adverse affects on the quality of your sleep AND your wallet! Proper care prolongs its life and ensures you the quality sleep that you need to wake healthy and happy every morning. There are a number of easy things you can do to ensure your mattress stays in tip top shape!

  • Treat it like any other piece of fine furniture. Don't stand or jump on it!
  • Turning your mattress regularly will help increase its life, ensuring you look after your investment. Turn your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 3 months or as instructed by the manufacturer. Thereafter turn it every two months. Some new mattresses don't need flipping. Check with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • To protect your mattress from stains use a mattress protector, which, if soiled, is far easier to clean and cheaper to replace than a mattress is. It may be a condition of the warranty that you use a mattress protector.
  • Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape away any soiling or mop away liquid from the fabric. Use upholstery cleaner or lukewarm soapy water as a general cleaning agent to remove the residue of the spill. Don't saturate the fabric or interior with water or other cleaning liquid. Dry thoroughly in the shade, away from direct heat.
  • Keep your mattress clean and dry.
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly (each time you change your sheets) using low suction to remove fluff and dust.
  • Make sure you carefully read the warranty card that comes with your mattress. It will give you a basic guideline for maintaining your mattress. Proper maintenance and attention is the key to mattress longevity.
  • Check that the legs and casters are tight on your base! Settling over time can affect the stability of your bed.
  • If you're due for an upgrade, or simply want to see if your mattress is right for you, why not check out our Mattress Selector tool. Through a series of lifestyle and sleep related questions it'll assess the size, feel and type of mattress that fits you best.

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