5 simple ways to lift your guest room style

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It’s every travellers wish to pry open the door at their final destination to find a relaxing, and welcoming space to rest—especially around the Christmas holidays.

With all the hoo-haa of the silly season in full swing, a guest room makeover is probably the last thing on your mind. Here are a few super simple decorating tips that can overhaul this not-often used room into a space that dreams are made of.


1. Small changes when regulars come to stay

It’s the little things that make all the difference when those regulars like your besties or mum and dad come for a visit. They would have stayed in the guest room a million times, so they already know the ins-and-outs.

Changing something small will get the good comments flooding in—because these are the people that will notice it. And it doesn’t need to be flashy or over-the-top; adding a few simple items to the nightstand can have a big impact.

Take a look at these additions to the Cooma suite’s bedside table. The old-school clock, a bit of colour coordination between the kitsch bunny and pineapple ornaments and some coffee table books—and it’s a done deal.


2. It only takes one new thing to reinvigorate an entire room

Feeling like you’ve got all the makings of something great, but it’s all just falling a bit flat? Hit the refresh button by adding one new feature to your room. Whether that be a new sitting chair or something as basic as fresh manchester—you’ll be amazed at how much personality it injects into the space.

These black-and-white Aura linens work an absolute treat, especially when paired with a loud neon cushion and throw rug. You can get hold of these quilt cover sets and more at Bedshed.


3. Can’t paint? Install a gallery wall

A crisp lick of new paint is definitely one of the easiest ways to brighten a room. But, let’s face it, not everyone has time for that. There is a much easier option that you can pull off in literally an afternoon—though it requires a little more creativity. A gallery wall!

Pick out an array of your favourite prints. They can be anything from posters from the best music concerts you’ve been to, choice photos from your recent travels, amazing works of art from your kids—you get the idea. Grab a few basic frames of all shapes and sizes, figure out where you want them to be positioned and get them up there! 

This is one of the most personalised ways to make a feature wall that will always make you and your guests smile.


Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

4. Add a bit of found art

Fancy yourself a garage sale guru? Love nothing more than trawling nature for something interesting to add to your home? This one is for all those trinket hunters out there.

Buying art, in all forms, can get pricey. So why not find something in the outdoors that fits with the style and theme of your guest room? Check out how these great old soda crates have been paired with Bedshed’s Palm Beach Natural bedroom suite.

Matching the sandy timber tones of the tallboy with these classic additions gives off a retro and nautical vibe that your guests will love.


5. Lighting changes everything

Looking to add a bit of mood to your guest room? Go straight to the lighting. Fill your room with candles, opt for dimmer lanterns and lamp it up.

There are so many different choices for lighting these days that finding something interesting isn’t hard. We love this caged look that’s been teamed with our Crusoe bedside table. It’s sassy, low-hanging and complements the table’s accessories.



Remember these are just some of the easy ways you can freshen up your guest room. For more ideas, check out other tips in our home decorating blog.